My name is Dennis Callahan, I am a fourth generation hereditary witch. I have been reading tarot cards since I was a child, I also read runes, and with the help of my mother developed the  Destiny Stones.
I am not Wiccan, I follow the Old Ways, meaning my beliefs and teachings were passed down from generation to generation.
I have been reading for 45 years, and of those years I have been reading professionally for over 20 of them.
Born in Boston, I followed my Aunt Anna around as she read at all the local tea rooms, and thus learned my craft. 
Throughout my career I have been fortunate enough to gain international clientele as well as having several local and regional newspapers feature articles regarding my profession and abilities.   
I am a Reverend with the Universal Life Church as well as having a Doctorate of Divinity.
Additionally, I teach classes on how to read tarot and runes, please refer to the "Classes" page for more information.