15 Minute Reading:
3 cards, 3 Runes & 3 Destiny Stones ®
These readings may cover different areas, unlessthere is a specific question.
30 Minute Reading
5 cards, and a choice of either the Runes or  theDestiny Stones® depending upon the nature of thequestions. (Thought Process, Decisions, Emotions,RelationshipsMoney,Manifest, Job Passion/Creativity,Spirituality)
60 Minute Reading
5 cards,  the Runes & the Destiny Stones® forquestions regarding: (Thought Process, Decisions,Emotions, Relationships, Money, Manifest, JobPassion/Creativity, Spirituality)
Path of Hearts
Reading centered around where your heart hasbeen, where it is now and where it will be.
Trinity Reading
This is a very personal reading that involves and influences the current world and possible connectionwith emotional or spiritual ties.
Additionally, I am always available for home parties and other forms of readings as well.
Please see my contact page to get in touch to make an appointment.